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Ayesha Kapoor is a rising Indian actress with massive fan followings. She achieved fame only in India but also in other countries. In this article, we suggest you some most popular films of her. Some of them are free and some are premium. You can buy premium membership plans for particular Apps. These apps are trustworthy and are available in Google Play Store. Let's see the Ayesha Kapoor Web Series List.

Disclaimer: This is an informative blog that provides only information about the popular Web series movies that are very popular in India. If you have any complaints or want to remove any information, you can connect help@jpathshala.com

Ayesha Kapoor Web Series List | Ayesha Kapoor ott | Ayesha Kapoor Video Download

Ayesha Kapoor Web Series

Ayesha Kapoor is a promising actress who has appeared in TV Shows, online series, films, and music videos. She is well known for her work in fantasy web series and short films; She worked for several Indian B-grade OTT sites. Drama, passion, and criminality abound in Ayesha's web series. Ayesha Kapoor has massive fans. Ayesh Kapoor is linked to several OTT sites, like Kooku, Ullu, Cine Prime, Prime Shots, Filmy Box and Hot MX. After starring in a series of Prime Shots Original short films and web series, Ayesha Kapoor gained much attention. If you're enamored with Ayesha Kapoor's unrivaled beauty, we've compiled a comprehensive collection of Ayesha Kapoor short films and web series. Let's read the article to find out the web series list of Ayesha Kapoor.

1. Siyapa Web Series

Siyapa web series of Ayesha Kapoor, the plot circles around a father and son's desires. The trailer shows that the father likes to marry Aliya as his last desire despite having a wife. They introduced Aliya as a Danish wife, and Aliya got pregnant. After that, the father's wife admits she will also be a mother. It needs to be clarified among all of them. Are you eager to know what happens in the story? Continue watching the web series if you are willing on the available platform. Now you can watch the Siyapa web series trailer below. 

2. Fareb Web Series

The plot revolves around a housewife who was a victim of domestic violence. She was enjoying a happy married life and later her husband started to abuse her physically. She becomes hurt both mentally and physically. Her old lover comes in support during her tough times. Can things change for the better or ruin her life forever?

3. Dil Do Web Series

The story is of a girl who visits her grandmother’s old house to find something. She goes with an unidentified taxi driver. After arriving home, she has to find something for which she seeks help from the taxi driver. The taxi driver agrees to help her, but his condition is that he wants to sleep with her. Will the girl agree? To know, watch the Dil Do prime shots web series.

4. Jhol Web Series

The story is about a couple, and the husband finds his wife cheating on her friend. There are a lot of twists and turns they go through throughout the web show. If you love to watch his type of show, then download and subscribe to the Prime Shots app.

5. Vaishya Web Series

The whole story is about a Prostitute who is good in nature. She becomes a prostitute due to some personal issues. There is no story in this web series. You can watch it to enjoy some hot and bold looks of Ayesha Kapoor. However, in the story of the series but Ayesha Kapoor is always the center of attraction. 

6. Baba Rancho Web Series

The Baba Rancho web series is an adventure comedy genre. It revolves around a con man and his assistant who fraud their followers for money and greed. The story also focuses on a dysfunctional family that believes in a Godman who promises a positive baby birth report irrespective of the husband’s presence. The series ends at a cliffhanger where the maid of the house becomes pregnant, not the ladies of the house. Surprisingly, there is no information about the Baba Rancho web series cast. Everyone is identifying the actors in their previous works. Still, the web series is many watches.

7. Seal 2 Web Series

Seal 2 is a popular Hindi web series of Ayesha Kapoor and Armaan Sandhu of BA Pass fame in the lead role. The series is about a newly married couple who struggles to live a happy life. The trailer is available on YouTube but if want to watch the full movie, you can download Prime Shot App from the google play store.

8. My Cousin Sister Web Series

My Cousin Sister Web Series is one of the best series of Ayesha Kapoor. She got admission to the city for higher education, where she stayed in her uncle's home and fell in love with her cousin. They share the same room and enjoy the nights. 

9. Chhupa Rustam Web Series

The Series Chhupa Rustam revolves around a boy who works in Dubai and wants to marry a village girl. He is afraid of the first night because his bhabhi told him about the village girls and that they are very innocent. They know nothing about the s3x. He always thinks about the girl and how will she behave when he comes closer to her. 

10. Office Scandal Web Series

Office Scandal: This Web Series is based on revenge. They make a physical relationship with her boss and show the CCTV footage to the owner of the company. The boss was fired. Actually, it was revenge because her boss fired many of her colleagues. To understand the whole story, you must watch this web series. 

11. Dhun Web Series

Music is like a dream that you can't fulfill. Swar invites his girlfriend to his home for the first time. He is so passionate about music that she is astonished at her curiosity. You will see how she uncovers Swar's crazy love for music and tries her best to make a difference. 

12. Dadi Web Series

A keen eye is one with wrinkles. Maya's grandmother watches her closely while she ignores her. They are not friends. You will be amazed at the mystery surrounding her grandmother.

13. Knock Knock Web Series

This story is about a girl who goes to his boyfriend's house. She hears the sound of knocking on the door but she was in confusion about that is it real or an illusion. Watch the full video on Prime shot at a very low cost.  

14. Kalakar Web Series

This story is about a painter which is called Kalakar in Hindi. This web series has many hypnotizing senses of Ayesha Kapoor that can make you feel something different. Watch this video on OTT App Fee it. 

15. Meri Pyari Sonu Web Series

Meri Pyari Sonu is a web comedy that's full of confusion. The trailer begins with a boy complaining about Sonu's arrival. He was later surprised to find Sonu was a girl. Ayesha Kapoor is a well-known actress for her work on the Primeshots series. Her most recent series Vaishya caught the viewers' attention because she played the role of a transwoman.

16. Pari Web Series

Pari is a peculiar love story that unravels different aspects of Pari’s life. Some shorts of Ayesha Kapoor can be seen in this web series. You can watch this video on Filmybox App.

17. Santushti Web Series

Santushti Primeshots Online (2022), This is the latest romantic comedy series, which will only be streamed on the Primeshots app. Ayesha Kapoor plays the lead role. She has also appeared in Kiss Miss, seal 4, Blackmail, and many other shows. In recent years, she has been one of the most beloved actors by the audience. You can watch all episodes of Santushti's web series online via the Primeshots app. It premiered on July 17, 2022.

18. Mrs Teacher Web Series

Mrs Teacher is a romance web series about a s3xu*ally frustrated teacher who constantly stands in the way of her students fooling around. When her colleague mentions the idea to her, she begins to mess around with her students and ends up in a lot of trouble. The cast includes Aliya Naaz and Ayesha Kapoor. 

19. love Jugaad Web Series

Love Jugaad is web series by the most promising actress Ayesha Kapoor. It is a crime thriller, romance, and drama. The story revolves around murder and uncovers various human feelings of love, trust, manipulation, and betrayal. 

20. Kiss Miss Web Series

This short series explores the relationship between best friend and boyfriend. Ayesha Kapoor is open with her best friend but never even kissed her boyfriend. Both boyfriend and best friend went to see a shrink for advice. Fans will find the climax thrilling. What is Ayesha Kapoor, and who is she? This is the core of the Kiss Miss web series. The performances of the ensemble cast distinguish the web series. 

21. Jungle Web Series

The jungle is a mini-series about Samar and Dimple, who are wild and full of love. They are naturally attracted to one another. They find their happiness in the jungle, not the OYO room, as they search for it. Further twists and turns are added to the web series that follows Samar's journey into regret, anger and guilt, revenge and justice. Hot MX OTT released the web series online on March 5, 2022.

Disclaimer: This is an informative blog that provides only information about the popular Web series movies that are very popular in India. If you have any complaints or want to remove any information, you can connect help@jpathshala.com

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