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One of the well-known OTT platforms, Kooku, has recently produced many famous web series. Kooku is currently preparing to launch a new show called My Cousin Sister. This program has an intriguing plot and an outstanding cast. The Kooku website and app hosted the web series. Here are all the specifics on the actors, storyline, and release date. In this article, we will find out more about the web series.

My Cousin Sister Web Series

ayesha kapoor web stories

My Cousin Sister's Character

Ayesha Kapoor: She plays the role of Vidhi, cousin sister of Nitin.
Divyanshu Singh: He is playing the role of Nitin, cousin brother of Vidhi.
Meeta Mitra: She plays the role of Nitin's Mother.
Anup Gahoi: He is playing the role of Nitin's Father.

My Cousin Sister Web Story

The Story is about the sudden affair of two cousins. Nitin has a small family and lives happily with his parents. He feels lonely at home since he has no friends. He Passes his time with his mobile, watching videos and playing games. Vidhi, his cousin, visits his home. She came to Nitin's city for higher study. She visited her uncle's house in the same city where Nitin lived. 

Vidhi agreed to stay in his house at the request of Nitin's parents. Vidhi and Nitin share the same room. She is a rich, attractive figure. Nitin looked at Vidhi indecently that night and did not know what he was searching for in her but was enjoying. The next morning Vidhi woke up earlier than Nitin and took a shower. Accidentally, he enters the bathroom without seeing her. He was enjoying her bathing.

Nitin became restless after that scene. After having breakfast, Vidhi Vidhi left for college, and her uncle and aunt left for the office too. Vidhi left his Mobile in the room, so he returned from the parking to take her mobile. She caught Nitin doing something to feel pleasure using his hands with it. He was repeating Vidhi's name. When he knew her presence, they both became embarrassed. She took her mobile and left the room.

That night, at bedtime, they can not face each other. Nitin was feeling guilty, and Vidhi could understand the situation. She started to talk to him and make him understand that it was not his fault. It is normal at his age. And then, she accepts that she has the same feelings he feels about her. 

Now they have become very friendly and have decided to have a fruitful relationship secretly with each other. They enjoyed the love that night. This bed sense is the part of this web series that makes it popular. It was their first love night, but the relationship continued in the future. 

How to watch the My cousin sister web series?

This web series is available in Kooku App. You can download this app from the Google Play store. It is a safe and trusted application for your Mobile. You can search for it on google too. On many other websites, this video can be found. But you must use a legal application.


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