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What is blogging?

In a simple way, blogging means writing online ideas, thoughts, memories, events, experiences and suggestions to share with people. You can do personal blogging or public. Years ago, people like to write all these things in a diary, but now this became an old fashion. A large number of people does blogging in the world.
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How to start blogging?

To start blogging, you need a domain and hosting. You can buy both or go through free. Both platforms links are given. Just click on it:
  1. Free Blogger
  2. Premium WordPress

Free Hosting with Blogger

Blogger is provided by Google. It is absolutely free for blogging. You just need to sign up here with your Gmail id. After that choose a domain name and website name. You need to select a template and customize it. Make sure your website should be responsive and all function working properly. 

Write a post and publish

Now your website is ready to write and publish articles. At this stage, you use your writing skill beautifully. Your article must be unique and interesting. A unique article gets rank in search engines like google. Interesting articles more engage the reader and it helps you to grow your website very fast. Do not hurry to complete your articles. Give time to make it fine and perfect. The topic should be related to your website niche.

Blogging final stage

Finally, you have successfully created your website. Now you have enough articles. So you need to submit it in Google Search Console. Search Console is another product of Google. It helps you to index your article in google search. It also helps to meditate on your website problem. To use this platform just log in with your Gmail Id. You need to verify your domain. All details it does not show you. It takes time. You have to wait at least 7 days to get the details of your website. 

Use custom domain with blogger

You want to remove the brand name from your URL, you can buy a custom domain from blogger and from other domain providers companies like Godaddy, Hostiger, BigRocks etc. In my opinion, you use the free hosting of the blogger with a custom domain. I suggest you because, in future, you can move from blogger to another premium hosting. But can only be hosted on blogger. Buy domain Here

Where to contact for more information

Before starting blogging, if you have any dought or questions, you can contact us by email, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram etc. Links are given below:

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