Grow your website with Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic is the most important of pro blogging. It is an integral part of blogging. A website can give you high earnings when you get good high organic traffic. I'll tell you some important facts that can help you to increase organic traffic. Follow the given instruction:

What is organic traffic?

A website gets traffic from many other sources like Facebook, Pinterest and Quora etc. but the traffic that comes from Google is called organic traffic. Organic traffic is essential to make your website valuable in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Your Website will be more valuable when your website gets organic traffic. Read the full article to understand what google want to give you high traffic.

High Search Volume Topic increase your organic traffic

As a blogger, you must know about google trends topic. When you write a post, you must write content on trends topics. You can search this topic from google trends. It is a google product that helps the blogger to find trends topics. It is absolutely free, you need not pay any cost. But you have to practice getting suitable for your blog. Before writing a blog you must find a good and interesting topic that can attract your readers.
Google trends are the best choice but apart from this, there are many platforms to use for finding the best topic for your blogs. It would be best practice if you work on a problem-solving topic. The problem-related question, you can find on Quora. Quora is the social platform where people write their questions and get answers from Quora specialists.
pro blogging special is the best place for learning with earning.

Correct Your Grammar mistakes

You must check the grammar mistakes in your articles. Valuable content should have correct use of grammar and words. Grammar mistakes can make your article meaningless. And the meaningless article has no place for google. As a content writer, you must improve you writing skill because google welcome only skill full content writers. Does not matter in what language you write but a point to be noted, ignore mistakes. If you are an English content writer, so it is very easy to auto-correct your mistakes by using 'Grammarly'. It is a very useful tool for all bloggers. Even I use this tool. It is work on all platforms like android and IOS web-browser.

Content Writing Format for increase organic traffic

You must follow a good content writing format. You need to design a content format so that your work becomes easier. A well content format contains title, heading, sub-title and topic should be divided into different paragraphs. A title should be neither too long nor very short. Each sub-heading contains enough paragraphs with useful words. A long article gets ranked easily but does not use unnecessary words to stretch the article. If you do this means you stuff only words and that is not a good habit. You should write enough points and facts that can make your article meaningful. And the most important thing, you must care about the readers' interests. An interesting article forces the readers to spend much time on your website. 

Keywords for organic traffic

Keywords are the group of words that help google recognize the subject of your article. I know you have good keywords but it is not enough to rank your post. As good keywords, you must have good knowledge about how and where to use them.  You also care about the number of keywords as per the length of your article. A good keyword contains one to four words. According to the google policy, you can not stuff the keywords. The keywords stuffing articles are always ignored by SERP (Search Engine Result Page). After every 200 words, a paragraph contains at least one keyword. Make sure, your keyword should be in the title, sub-heading and if need, it in on your paragraph.

Reader Interests

To get traffic from Google, it is most important to rank your article in the top 10 on SERP. This Only good keyword is not enough to rank your post. You must care about your user's interests. Google always gives value to the article where users take an interest and spend more time. User spend time makes your content more valuable. So do not ignore the reader's interest in your content. Give the value user's experience first. 
I am sure you learnt the lesson. At the last, do not copy other content. You always try to improve to write your own unique content.

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