How to Write Unique Article

Unique Article is content. Content writing is an art. It's not easy to write a Unique Article, but it seems very simple for you once you learn the writing skill. And it is a very profitable skill in the present time. You can write for other's websites or for your website both gives you a good opportunity to earn a good income. I will discuss some important points that help you to write not only a unique but also an interesting article.

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Trends topic that matched with your Niche

Before starting to write an article, you need to find a trends topic that suits your website niche. You can find it from many free websites and premium too. In the starting, if you can not spend some money then go for free. Yes, you can use Google Trends to get trends keywords at no cost and there is no other competitor of it. You need not register here. It is also a google product like the blogger. Google Trends is not easy to understand. When you start to use it, you might be facing some difficulty to get keywords and ideas. Don't worry, you need to practice for some days and you became a pro of it.

Best use of Keywords

Only finding the best keywords is not enough to make your article unique. You must know where and how to use it in your article. Sometimes, you have good keywords still your article is not considered unique and valuable due to some silly mistakes. To use keywords in a correct way follow the given instructions:
  1. Don't use too many or too few keywords in your article.
  2. Make sure, you have used your keyword on the title, heading, sub-heading and paragraphs.
  3. Don't choose your keyword too long or too short. Four words are very good for ranking.
  4. Don't do keyword stuffing.

Use of correct Grammar

Your Grammar must be good to write a meaningful article. the grammar helps you to write correctly so that readers can easily understand your ideas. They love to read your articles and they spend more time. It is the symbol of unique and interesting articles. If google finds many grammar mistakes, it marked your article meaningless and it will ignore from the google search result page. 

Use of correct format of Article

As a good content writer, you must know the format of an article. The correct format of an article gives an attractive shape to it. The Format shape is more important than the length of an article. Before writing you should divide your article into the title, heading, sub-heading and paragraphs. Below point keep in your mind:
  1. Don't make your title too long.
  2. Use keywords in your title, sub-heading and paragraph.
  3. Don't use unnecessary sentences. They make the article boring. 
  4. Divide your long paragraph into points.
  5. Don't embed videos.
  6. Don't use many URLs.
  7. Don't use many images.

Avoid Plagiarism and Scraping content

Google does not give value to plagiarism or scraping content. Google ask you to write original content to avoid the google AdSense error. Plagiarism or scraping violate the Google policy.

What is plagiarism content?
The content which already available on google or in textbooks that has copyright, you do not rewrite those text. If you do this, the content is called plagiarism.

What is scraping content?
The Content you have gathered from many different websites is called scraping content. This type of content is also marked as plagiarism. In simple words, we can say that we can't steal the content of others for our commercial use.

What should you do?
You can take help from other websites and textbooks to enhance your knowledge. You can read and rewrite other's ideas or text but in own your words. don't copy exact texts, words and paragraphs.

If you don't have time to write content

Many of you bloggers are busy with some extra work. So you do have not enough time to write articles for your blog websites. But you want to blog as a part-time job without writing content. Don't worry you can spend some money to hire a person who can work for you. Either you can invite people as an author or you can buy unique written articles.

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