When should I apply for AdSense

Often people ask when should I apply for AdSense approval? I know you have a website and you also want to monetize it. You have the same question. This article helps you to know your website is ready or not for monetization. 

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Template Customisation.

Make sure you have customized your website completely. If any issue is found in template customization, you receive an error 'Site under construction. To avoid this error, I tell you some points that you need to customize. Follow the below instructions:

  1. Menu: delete all the pre-customized menus and then create your own menu. Attach URL with your menu button. Make sure all menus are in good function. If any of them not working that means you are violating AdSense policy. You will get the error policy violation for the site under construction.
  2. Social sharing button: when you upload a theme or template by default social sharing buttons are set. You need to replace the URLs with your own URLs.
  3. Pages: before applying for monetization you need to create pages for your website 'About us', 'Contact us', 'Privacy Policy', and 'Disclaimer'. Don't put these pages on the main menu bar. 

Valuable Content.

It is a very important thing which you can not ignore. Your website should contain many valuable articles so that your website is eligible for monetization. If your website does not contain such articles, it means you never monetize it. I know you have some questions in your mind. What is valuable content? how to make your content valuable etc. A valuable contain has several features. I tell you some points that you must follow:
  1. High Search Volume Topic: Before writing an article you must check the search volume of the topic. If there are few searches in SERP (Search Engin Result Page) so, do not write an article on it. Because Google does not want such article which has low search volume.
  2. Correct use of Grammar: I know that you have High Search Volume topics but the grammar mistake can ruin your hard labor. No matter what language you use for your blog but the grammar mistakes make your article meaningless. And the meaningless articles cause low-value content.
  3. Copy Content or Plagiarism: You must write your own ideas in your articles. When your copy the text from other websites or textbooks, your articles are marked as copy content or plagiarism. This type of content violates the Google Ads Policy. There are many free websites are available where you can check your content plagiarism percentage. Click Here to check free plagiarism.
  4. Use Facts and Important Points: We must care about the interest of our readers. The readers do not want to read unnecessary paragraphs. They only want important things that they need. To make your article long, do not use unnecessary paragraphs. It can sire your bounce rate that is not good for your article ranking.

Minimum Articles Required.

Before sending for reviewing your website, you should have minimum content on your website. There is no documentation about how many articles are required for monetization. But according to the Expertos, Your website should have 20 to 30 articles with 1000+ words, 30 to 40 articles with 500+ words, or 40+ articles with the 300+ minimum words in a single article. Any one of the three conditions you have to follow. You can buy 100% unique articles at the very lowest cost. Click Here

Minimum Traffic Required.

Not only traffic but also organic traffic is required for monetization. So kindly wait till the website getting sufficient organic traffic. Because organic traffic proves that how valuable the contents are of our website. So now you have at least 50 to 100 traffic per day, you can try for Google AdSense monetization.

Minimum Age of a website.

No evidence is available to say that how old should a website be for monetization. Some website gets approved after one month and some take more than one year. But if we go through the experts' statements, so the website should be old for more than 6 months.
If you have completed all these criteria then now your website is ready to send for reviewing by Google AdSense. It is possible that your website will be not monetized on the first attempt. Don't worry you can reapply again and again. There is no limitation on how many times you can apply for Google AdSense. 

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