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On-page SEO is the most important part of blogging. On-page SEO helps us to make our article suitable for the Google search engine result page. Every blogger wants to rank their articles on top 10 in Google. But without on-page SEO it is impossible. It also helps us to make the article valuable. As a blogger, you must know about this feature to grow your website. I tell you the secret that can help you to do on-page SEO follow the below points.

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What is on-page SEO

In simple words, when you optimise your page while writing an article it's call on-page SEO. It has many things that you care about when you write an article. Each thing is related to one another so you don't ignore any of the things which I am going to you tell you in detail.

  • Title: it is the top of the article so on the search engine result page title plays a very important role to increase the CTR of your page. It should be catchy and attractive. An attractive title is neither too long nor too short. It should contain a keyword. 
  • The first paragraph: you should not ignore the first paragraph because it has a very important role to rank your article on the Google search engine results page. You should introduce your topic here with the correct keyword which you used in the title. 
  • Subheading: don't write the article in a single paragraph. You need to divide your article into more than one paragraph and put a subheading of each paragraph. Disturb heading of each paragraph also worked as a keyword to help your article rank on the google search engine page. Each paragraph should be content of at least 50 words. 
  • Valuable paragraph: according to the SEO more words make the article more valuable. But it does not mean that you write only words to stretch your paragraph. A paragraph should have meaningful sentences so that reader will have a good experience while reading your article. 
  • Image: an article need not require images but the images make the article attractive and interesting. So it is a good habit to attach a related image in your post. But do not use unnecessary multiple images. You also care about the dimension of the image ie. 640px*427px. It's good web image size than less impact site speed.
  • Internal Linking: It is the best practice to link your other articles. There are different ways for internal linking. The first way, you can see some keywords when you write a post. and the second, at the end of the post you can promote other articles on your website.
  • External Linking: Sometimes, you need to describe facts that are not available on your website. In that case, you can attach URLs of other's websites and that is called External linking. 
    Note: Don't use too many internal or external linking. It can be a Google Policy violation.

After publishing your article what do you do to get traffics is called off-page SEO ie. Url sharing on different social media pages. In this article, I have discussed all SEO. Still, you have any doubts or questions, you can write in the comment box.

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