Why Blogger is The Best Hosting provider

Blogger is the best hosting provider in the world. Yes! there is no doubt that it is the best hosting provider. We discuss it in detail and I assure you why this is the best. I know, you have doubts. You are thinking about premium WordPress hosting plan is better than the blogger. I agree with you but I will tell you some advantages about the blogger that make you sure which is the best free blogger or premium WordPress.

Why should we use blogger here is the answer blogger is the best hosting provider and it is absolutely free

Advantage of Blogger

Before comparing the blogger with another web hosting provider, we must understand some important advantage features of the blogger. Here is some points are given:
  • Free Domain: Yes, blogger provides to their user free domain. Although the domain contains its brand tag 'blogspot.com', it does not bother you to monetize your website. And still, if you do not like to use a free domain, you can buy from here or from other domain providers.
  • Free Hosting: Blogger provides you free hosting forever. You can host a free domain of it or you can host your custom domain. You do not pay for any cost for hosting here. It is the only one that gives you free hosting with unlimited storage.
  • Free SSL Certificate: HTTPS is more secure than HTTP. If you want to activate an SSL certificate on your website, you have to pay about 500 to 1000 rupees. But the blogger provides you top-level SSL certificate for a free lifetime. 
  • Unlimited traffic: the best thing about blogger hosting is that it can handle unlimited traffic. But if you buy premium hosting, you can see there is some limitation of traffic. If the traffic crosses the limitation, the website will be crashed. But in blogger, this type of issue is not found. 
  • Annual maintenance: You have to pay annual charges for the premium hosting. And if you do not earn money from your website so you cannot bear the expanse of premium hosting. But the blogger does not charge you any maintenance cost it is absolutely free for a lifetime. 
  • Reliability: After hard work, we complete a website so in the future, we do not want to lose it at any cost. Blogger is the product of Google so there is no need to say how reliable it is.

Now we can accept undoubtedly blogger is the best hosting provider. Even I am a WordPress user but still I have some websites that are being hosted in blogger. Its dashboard has very few features but if you give time to learn it, you can write google articles on it. Just you need to practice. If you have basic Html knowledge, you never need premium hosting. And the Basic Html, you can learn from Youtube. It is easy and simple.

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