Best Earning Website Vs YouTube

Do you know what is the best earning platform for a blogger Website or YouTube?

It's not a simple question because both are getting high paid if you work properly. These two platforms are totally different from each other. So, they are different even in earning methods. But don't worry here I tell you some points and the facts that help you to decide which platform is the best for your talent and skills. Where you can earn better. And if you have multi-talent, you can join both platforms.

In YouTube, you are paid a low amount but the amount you get constantly. And the constant earning make gives you large amount at the end of the month. Apart from this, you have some extra earning options here. You are paid for the premium subscription, super chat, affiliate marketing and paid promotions. Overall you can earn a lot of money from YouTube. 

On the Website, you are paid a high amount but it totally depends on Ads Click. It means no click no earning. But don't worry apart from this, like YouTube, the website also provides you with different sources of earning. You can earn from affiliate marketing and pdf book selling etc.

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Before choosing one of these, you must be sure about your talent. You first decide that you want to write or create a video. And if possible, you should attend both these opportunities. I know at the starting time you have to face many problems but believe me every problem would teach you a new lesson that will help you to grow in blogging. 

Work Experience: Do not hurry to achieve your goal in blogging. You spend more time learning new things. Blogging is an art. If you give it time to learn, it gives you money. But if you follow the money means you have less time to learn it and the result you get fail.

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